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Why We Care

As a traditional Japanese woman my mother was forced to play the docile homemaker, and was never involved in business affairs and was given an allowance to buy food and necessities for the family.  My mother’s lack of financial understanding left her very vulnerable; I knew that if my father passed away she would lose his income and any opportunity to maintain the lifestyle she was accustomed to. What bothered me most was that she didn’t care.

The life my mother was forced to live inspired me to move to the United States and get an education in finance so that I could live an independent life with options and opportunities.  I assumed that my mother’s situation was because of her heritage but when I became a financial advisor I realized that even American women, who had the ability to take charge, lacked the financial confidence to control their own destiny. But for them it was choice.

That’s when I knew that my mission as a financial advisor was to encourage every woman to become more engaged in her financial affairs. My goal is to give her a voice in how she and her husband manage their money and to help and support her in taking charge of her life and protecting her future with fierce independence and deep commitment.