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About Fujiyama Wealth Management

When a life changing event happens, most financial advisors focus on only talking about numbers and paperwork.  However, money has two sides:  financial and emotional. Research tells us that the majority of decisions are made emotionally.  Our goal is to guide the financial impact these emotional decisions will have on your financial future. We facilitate discussion with clients to find their Zone and Spark. We listen to your financial advising needs both emotionally and financially so we can make a plan personalized to you.

About Junko Horvath – Certified Financial Planner & Transitionist (CeFT®)



Junko’s Journey

I grew up in Japan in a traditional Japanese home. My father was a rainmaker, and my mother was a homemaker. My father was not a controlling person, but he never told my mother what he made or how much we had in savings. Instead, my mother was given an allowance to buy what we needed for the household.

Once a month she said “Junko, let’s go downtown today.” Was I excited! She bought me beautiful, expensive clothes, and we finished our shopping at specialty food stores. Life was good, but I was always curious why my mother didn’t ask my father more about their finances. “What would happen if my father passed?” I asked her periodically. She said, “Don’t be silly. He won’t die!” and she dismissed my concern. 

While my mother wasn’t concerned that something would happen to my dad that would leave us penniless, she did often say, “I want to leave home.” My father was the oldest son, and as in Japanese tradition, my family lived with my grandma, my father’s mother. Sadly, there was a lot of tension between my mother and my grandmother, and this made my mother very unhappy.

During these times I asked her, “Where would you go; you don’t have any money?” She said “Junko, study hard and get an education. Don’t be like me. Education will open up doors, and you don’t have to depend on anyone else.” I took her words to heart.

Her lack of financial independence and being stuck for my entire childhood inspired me to move to the US and get an MBA. 

Fast forward to 2000. I went in assuming my mother’s situation was because of her heritage, however, I was shocked when I quickly realized that many American women, who were educated and had the ability to make choices, also felt stuck like my mother. They too lacked financial confidence because they let their spouses handle all the financial decisions. 

Discovering that this is a situation many women find themselves in regardless of age or culture made me decide that my mission as a financial advisor is to encourage every woman to be more engaged in her household finances. My goal is to be your biggest cheerleader and to work alongside you, giving you the support and knowledge you need to confidently have a voice in how you manage your finances. 

If that’s something you’re interested in exploring with me, please click the link below to schedule a time to connect. I look forward to meeting you and exploring this journey together!