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Who are our clients?

We work with people in financial transition, whether married or single. Rather than imposing a strict plan, we passionately collaborate to create a goal with you, your vision, and your input.

For that reason, while we respect your current relationship with your existing advisor(s), we expect that we will become the primary advisor for you for the next couple of years.

Some prospective clients want to diversify client-advisor relationships by having multiple advisors. But… would you work with multiple family doctors and do multiple annual check-ups? If you do, you will be really confused due to competing information and recommendations from your multiple doctors. Your life will get very complex. These types of clients think that advisors work harder to impress clients by inviting the competition between advisors. However, we build trusting, long-term relationships with you. To us, a trusting partnership with you is more important than money.

Are you a good fit? We also enjoy the time with our clients when we are working together on investment management. If you are a day trader, option trader, or a DIYer, we are likely not a good match for your needs.


Is Fujiyama Wealth a fiduciary?

We abide by the CFP Board of Ethics Code of Conducts as follows:


Consistent with our mission to benefit the public, CFP Board supports a uniform fiduciary standard of conduct for all personalized investment advice. This fiduciary standard of conduct should put the interests of the client first and should include both a duty of care and a duty of loyalty. Our position is grounded in the real-world experience of more than 87,000 CFP® professionals and the revised Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct, effective October 1, 2019. The Code and Standards contains a genuine fiduciary standard of conduct that is broadly applicable yet business model-neutral, and includes both a duty of care and a duty of loyalty.

Does Fujiyama Wealth charge a fee only or a fee and commissions?

There are many clients who want us to manage all the financial affairs including insurance such as life, disability, and long-term care insurance. We consider that insurance is a large part of financial plans, and without insurance in place, our life becomes more vulnerable from any threats from disability, death, illness, car accident, lawsuit, natural disaster, etc.

We see our competitors who only handle investment management. In our humble experience, our clients are more satisfied when we understand all the financial needs of their lives and when we implement a comprehensive plan for them.

We are happy to look at your life holistically and if we identify potential threats to your finances, we will recommend adequate insurance to protect you. When we place insurance, insurance carers pay us standard commissions, which vary by carriers and products.

We use one of the biggest insurance brokers and do not have any alliance with any particular insurance company.