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Choose Your Money Story  Signature System™

Our Choose Your Money Story Signature System™ was created to provide the specialized expertise needed to guide you, step-by step, through the financial and emotional implications of your life transition. Whatever transition you are facing, we are here to empower you to manage your financial future confidently. We will guide you to make smart decisions today, so we can help you establish a path to future financial security. As Certified Financial Transitionists™ (CeFT®), we  specialize in financial transition planning.

I. Choose Your Money Story™ – Strategy Call

In this 60-90 minute strategy call, we will ask you to provide us with an overview of your life transition. We will explain the Choose Your Money Story Signature System™ and how it has helped our clients work through the major problems caused by life transitions. We will assess whether Fujiyama Wealth Management might be a good fit for you and discuss our Life Transition Planning fees.  

If we both agree it makes sense to explore a relationship more deeply, the next step is to schedule the follow up two-part Discovery meetings. We will send you contract paperwork, a list of  documents necessary to begin the transition planning process, and we will ask you to pay a half fee, a deposit that will be deducted from the total Life Transition Planning fees. 

II. Discovery Meeting – The Personal Side of Money  

In this 90-minute meeting we will do some deeper discovery about your life transition and focus on  the Personal Side of Money. We will review the “Two Sides of Money” and the “Four Stages of  Transition” concepts. Together, we will complete “Your Money Story” and figure out your  relationship with money.  

III. Discovery Meeting – The Technical Side of Money  

In this 90-minute discovery meeting, we will focus on the Technical Side of Money. We will review the financial documents and information you provided at the start of our engagement. We will ask you a series of questions to figure out your life and financial goals. You will share your investment goals with us. Your informed feedback will allow us to custom design a Life Transition Plan™ that works for you and focuses on your objections since we are the co-creators of your plan.

IV. Presentation of the Choose Your Money Story – Life Transition Plan™

Utilizing the information gathered, we will present a fully customized Life Transition Plan™ which  will outline steps to be taken to help you successfully navigate your transition journey. We will go over each recommendation and action steps to be taken, one by one.

All paperwork needed to effect your customized plan will be provided at this meeting, and we will collect the remainder of the Life Transitions Planning Fee.  

V. Follow-up meeting/Signing Party

Within 3-5 business days after the presentation of your Life Transition Plan™, we have a meeting  to answer questions and/or provide feedback on our recommendations. Assuming the plan  addresses your life transition objectives, we have a signing party to execute forms and celebrate  your first step towards your financial independence!  

VI. Ongoing Progress Meetings 

Life is not a straight line; it continues to evolve, despite our best-laid plans. We are aware that as life changes, money changes. Also as money changes, life changes as Susan Bradley, the Founder of the Financial Transition Institute states. We encourage you to meet with us regularly to ensure  your transition plan is still on track. If you choose to continue to work with us, we will charge a  planning fee after you finish the initial consultation period of six months.